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About the site
- The fansite started out at Brand New Rock,, in November 2002
- The site was created because I thought the guys were really nice and generous when I met them, and I was just getting into website making at the time
- Brand New Rock became Brand New is Rock (BNIR) in September 2004, and the url was changed to
- Not one penny has ever been spent to run the site
- The site finally has a free web host with a stable server

About the webmaster
Name: The webmaster
Age: 20
Location: Greater Seattle Area
Favorite Bands: Brand New, Gatsbys American Dream, Envy on the Coast, etc.

- To begin working on the site again

Thank yous
- Brand New
- The fans
- for inspiration
- The folks who have taken the time to sign the guestbook
- Everyone at Nick's board
- Everyone who signed Jesse's birthday card back in 2003
- Chad ( and Jessica ( who have hosted the site