The Rookie Lot

The Rookie Lot was a 5 piece band started in January of 1998. Garrett Tierney grew up around the block from Jesse Lacey in their hometown of Levittown, New York. Garrett, a bass player, introduced Jesse to Brandon Reilly. [Brandon currently fronts a band called Nightmare of You.] Jesse and Brandon became friends right away and wanted to be in a band together. Brandon knew a drummer named Brian, and with their good friend Alex added to the band, The Rookie Lot was formed.

The Rookie Lot has played with many bands such as Vision of Disorder, Saves The Day, Ten Yard Fight, Fastbreak, Glassjaw, Silent Majority, Kid Dynamite, and many more.

The Rookie Lot released a split 7" with a band called Yearly. Yearly included Eben from Saves The Day as well as Scottie and Peter from The Stryder.

Track listing:
The Rookie Lot
1. Anime
2. Museums

1. Town House
2. Pushing Chuck

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Other songs by The Rookie Lot:
Debbie Strokes
Leaving Verona
Year's Last Snowfall
Escape from Levittown
Theme Song of the Night Flyers